Transforming real estate development ideas into a shared sustainable reality
brik's founders bring 30+ years of real estate and energy development expertise
brik is transforming real estate development, integrating the planning, design, construction and energy supply of new sustainable communities.

Our global talent pool of construction and energy professionals, partner with world leading innovators in sustainable technologies to create ground breaking developments which improve quality of life and reduce impact on the environment.

The brik Vision

The structure and application of processes that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout a building's life-cycle: from planning to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation and demolition.  This requires that the contractor, the architects, the engineers and the client are all in close alliance on all aspects of each project stage.
Utilising carbon neutral fuels or low carbon power generation sources such as solar power, wind, and energy storage. Additional energy systems include cogeneration and micro-grids.
Integrating Internet of Energy (IoE) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate construction and energy infrastructures. By utilising these technologies, along with smart devices, we create clean and efficient properties and put more power in the hands of the owners.
Harnessing the strength of the world-class companies and organisations to move markets, engage partners and industry with new constituents in green building. We articulate the "business case" for healthier built environments, leverage best practices, research & resources and tie together efforts and industries that have traditionally worked in silos.
Focussing on the provision and management of genuinely affordable and social housing in UK & Europe, The Americas and Middle East & North Africa. Our cause-based giving initiative contributes to providing sustainable living and re-training opportunities in support of low-income and displaced families.
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brik projects in motion

Costa Alegre
Inspired by Portofino, a resort village and marina with all the benefits including state of the art health and leisure facilities.
Rivalling Telluride in size and ambition, a whole mountain resort development embracing the surrounding's rugged natural beauty.
Los Cabos
An experiential leisure and wellness resort designed to take the active lifestyle to a whole new level of luxury.
An eco-sensitive whole island transformation on a scale 20 times larger than nearby Necker Island.
Experiential luxury, these initial eco-resort projects will enhance local community economies, provide key worker training and will help fund brikGiving for affordable housing.

"It is our aspiration to utilize sustainable real estate construction and energy technologies to change the global environment, one development at a time."

James Hare

Founder & CEO

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